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Our Farm

We absolutely love our animals and everything they are helping us create here at Allusions.

If going for a stroll around our grounds on our farmstay you will find-

Sheep and their merry ram- Gerald

Our beloved alpacas- Bessy & Becky (they aren't spitters!)

Spike the Horse

The Royal Chicken Family headed by Iosis and Hercules

Ray Martin and Larry Emdur the geese

Dianna the fluffy footed chook

Donna and Heather the barnaveldas

Cayuga Duck family

Wingo, Heidi, Jazz, Vanessa, Kira and Bruce the fluffy head chickens.

Spotty, mimmi, Alan and Charlie our super mousing shed cats















Our beautiful 12 month old Maremma has joined the team as well.

Millie is here to learn to protect our animals and our property from predators such as foxes and snakes.

Shes is extremely friendly and playful but please do not call out to her or encourage her to approach you as her as she is on a strict training program to learn the ropes.

It is extremely detrimental to her training if she is given any attention.

Maremmas have a very different mindset to domestic dogs and even other working dogs.

After a maremma matures they really need to have a job and feel useful to the farm.

Or they can easily become a hinderance- to people and animals.

We need her to know the animals are much more fun to be around than humans!

If she comes up to you, let her do her 'maremma stretch' and sniff you.

Please do not play with her or cuddle her.

If she tries to jump on you, tell her in a stern voice 'no' and turn away.

She does take to sleeping on the deck now and again, this is her trying to protecting you.

It is her job to protect our farm so she will usually try and suss out who is were and once she is happy she knows what's going on she will head back to the animals.

She is extremely sweet and has a brilliant nature, we promise she is totally loved!

It is extremely important everyone is aware of the rules for Millie’s training and your own well-being.


Our resident koala is Patty and we have an amazing flock of random birds, visiting lizard

 and of course our beautiful grazing kangaroos.

Although we are a very boutique farm, we are always working on our sustainability, learning more about regenerative farming and how we can do better for our environment and our future generations.

We have scrap buckets in our Cellar House and unit accommodation if you'd like to help us feed our crazy chickens.

Don't let them fool you into thinking they are starving... A lot of our hyline brown hens are rescue chickens. They were raised in cages so the only exciting thing in their life was food.

Our girls generally spend all day outside, scratching around the property!

We are very big wine lovers and are having the best time learning everything we possibly can about the wine growing and making process.

We grow Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes in our boutique vineyard.

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